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Why Eating More Might Actually Be The Key To Eating Less

Do you struggle with late night snack attacks?

Late night binges?

Feeling out of control with food?

Check in.

What’s happening earlier in the day? The week?

Are you eating enough? Are you controlling your portions? Are you trying to eat less? Are you ignoring your body’s hunger signals? Do you know your body’s hunger signals (hint: it’s not just a growling stomach)?

EAT MORE. And you’ll probably reach your goals of eating less, overall.

If you find yourself in the snack attack late at night, you're likely not eating enough during the day.

Because of this, you lose "self-control" in the evening because your body hasn't received the amount of energy and nutrients it needs.

Especially if you've been ignoring hunger signals throughout the day.

Our PRIMAL HUNGER kicks in and we eat, and feel out of control with food + snacks.

How do you avoid the late night snack attack?

- Eat more

- Learn to listen to and honor your hunger

- Repair your relatioship with food

- Eat food that are satiating

- Eat to fullness

Want to explore the reasons why YOU are binging on an entire bag of chips or whole box of Oreos at night? Apply for my 12-week highly supportive 1:1 program, BODY FREEDOM SESSIONS can help you get to the root of the issue, and totally change your relationship with food, from chaos + out of control, to cool, collected, and satisfying.

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