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Do you eat when you are bored?

I used to “bored eat” peanut butter on graham crackers like you wouldn’t believe. & felt so guilty about it. Felt like I had to work it off.

Until I realized I was just effing hungry.

Until I realized I wasn’t eating enough earlier in the day.

Until I realized I was trying to avoid my feelings.

Bored eating is probably not because your bored, but because your hungry, feeling something, or just plain need a break.

If you find yourself "bored eating" here's what to do:

Ask yourself: Am I hungry?

Signs you are hungry include:

-stomach growling


-thinking about food



-lack of focus

- & more!

If you're hungry, step away from what you are doing, prepare yourself and meal or snack + eat!

Are you feeling some type of way?

If you're not hungry, maybe there's a feeling or emotion that you're avoiding.

Are you feeling stressed, sad, anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, distracted, vulnerable, insecure? Something else?

Notice this.

If you are feeling some type of way. Feel that feeling, breath, sit with it, journal it out, tend to it, give it love.

Do you need a brain break?

My friend, we weren't meant to focus forever.

Do you need a break to CHILL?


To get outside?

To run into the hills + never return?

Give yourself rest, play, fun, movement. And give your sweet brain a break.

Ready to TRANSFORM your relationship with food from:




-Always hungry

-Always thinking about food







Apply for my highly supportive, 12 week 1:1 program, BODY FREEDOM SESSIONS.

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