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Does it need to be hard?

In exercise we need rest. Rest is required.

We need less intense workouts.

We need easier days.

We need deload weeks.

We get stronger with rest, and at lower intensities and weights.

We aren’t maxing out all the time.

& we don’t need to.

The same goes with life.

Are there seasons of hard work? Of course.

But always?

No, we need less intense periods – we can’t go hard all the time.

We need rest days, weeks.

We need seasons with less work, less stress, less pressure to be something.

We need time to enjoy the moment + season we are in.

It doesn’t ALWAYS need to be hard. & its better if its not. Our bodies, brains, + spirits need rest, play, adventure, exploration.

This is what I need in this season. Perhaps you do too. Take some.

Have some fun my friend.

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