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How to eat healthy without feeling deprived

Take baby steps

What are the smallest changes you can make + stick to?

Making one meal at home a week?

Adding more protein to your meals?

Meal prepping one meal?

Drinking one more glass of water/ day?

Then slowly add to these changes once you feel they are established in your life.

Eating healthier or better doesn't change overnight. Trust the process.

Eat consistently throughout the day

Skipping meals or going too long in between meals without a snack can lead to primal hunger which leaves you feeling out of control with food.

Stay fed, friends.

Keep it simple

There are so many fancy diets, supplements, cleanses, and general BS options out there.

Health is simple.

Fuel your body.

Eat carbohydrates, proteins, fats

Eat vegetables + fruits

Drink water

Move your body

Use what's easily accessible to you.

Add a fruit or vegetable to your day

I love thinking about where can I add what I desire in my life.

Adding veg + fruit is a great place to start.

Can you add lettuce to your sandwich or bagel?

Can you have some fruit with your snack?

Can you have a side of sautéed veg with your dinner?

Choose one place to add this week.

Make space for your favorite foods

Where can you be sure you are including your favorite foods?

This includes bread, potatoes, fruits, cookies, cakes, chips, vegetables, pastas.

This helps prevent the I've been good for a while, and then a week or month later you binge on your favorite food you completely cut out of your life.

Be gentle when you f*ck up

If you think you are the only one who makes mistakes or isn't perfect, you're wrong.

When we are incorporating new habits, not behaviors, working towards goals, we mess up.

We miss a day, we forget, we skip a week.

Forgive and move forward. Tomorrow is a new day to start again.

What healthy habits are you trying to incorporate into your life? Let me know in the comments

If health is important to you then stick with it, take it slow.

It’s a marathon not a sprint.

And you get there through taking it step by step!

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