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I love my dog + cat + partner

I love mountain biking

I love pizza


oh, and i am deeply passionate about women pursuing fitness + movement beyond aesthetics. we are POWERFUL. women can accomplish SO MUCH MORE when we stop focusing on looking perfect, pretty, fit, skinny and tone and we start focusing pushing what we thought was possible for us, following our biggest wildest dreams, playing + exploring + adventuring, and working towards creating a better, dreamier world.



  • Bachelor and Master of Science in Kinesiology, San Francisco State University (aka. major movement nerd)

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA (aka. special personal trainer)

  • Barbell Rehab Method Certified (aka. I help you come back from injury & return to strength)

  • Behavior Change Specialist, Summer 2021 Cohort, Bri Campos at Body Image with Bri, Promoting Body Trust on Your Work - Be Nourished (aka. I help you come back to your body & health without compromising everything that's important to you).

Personal Goals:

  • Ride every trail possible

  • Give my dog his best life

  • Play outside with my husband + friends as often as possible

  • Get better at drops + gaps on the trail #lfg!

I'd love to know what you're goals are! Fill out this google form and LMK what you're fitness & strength goals are.

Or join trail thoughts, my semi-sporadic email where i keep you up to date with what i'm up to.

Thanks for being here, adventure babe <3

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