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Exercise increases our capacity for discomfort, we have to apply it.

Being an athlete has taught me a lot about being with discomfort & leaning into discomfort.

That there is something greater possible for me on the other side of discomfort.

I know that I am capable of being this a large degree of discomfort, PHYSICALLY.

Sports + exercise have also often been a way to avoid the emotional + social discomfort.

To avoid the uncomfortable thoughts I had.

While I was and am very capable of being with discomfort, I ONLY applied it to movement.

And avoided my feelings, fears and doubts.

Exercise was both a way to push myself, and a way to avoid these parts of me.

To avoid building the relationships I wanted, because of my fear of rejection.

To avoid taking risks in my life, because of my fear of failure.

To avoid having the conversations I wanted ot have, because of my fear of putting myself out there.

But this I know, if I can handle running 100k

If I can handle riding down steep, chunky, sketchy rock gardens

If I can push my body and mind to lift something heavier than I thought possible for me,

I can face those inner voices of doubt + fear, and face the possibility of rejection.

Because what on the other side of facing those things is something beautiful.

And I know that if you can do what it takes to be an athlete in your sport,

You too can do what it takes to face your fears and doubts in the rest of your life.

You have what it takes to be in the discomfort elsewhere.

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