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How To Love Your Body When You Hate What It Looks Like

Days when you can’t stand to see yourself in the mirror come and go.

Sometimes they come more than they go.

Those were the days that I thought I needed to punish myself + my body for what I looked like.

Which looped into a viscous cycle with food + exercise obsession.

My body didn’t know I was sad about how I looked it just kept me fueled so I could to study, move, and think.

It didn’t know I was frustrated with the mirror, it just wanted to replenish my energy for the run I was going to do later + try to repair muscle.

It didn’t know I wanted to hide under the covers until my body was fixed, it just kept my heart beating, lunges breathing & blood flowing.

You body depends on you to give it the nutrition, water, rest, play, & sleep it needs.

Your body is out here working hard, your job is to give it what it needs to do so, even when you’re frustrated.

You can love your body, even if you hate what it looks like.

Here's how:

1. Continue to Nourish Your Body

Feed yourself just as you would on any other day.

Just like you would continue to feed your dog even after he destroyed your favorite pair of shoes.

Yes, you're pissed & frustrated but you

wouldn’t deny him nourishment because of that.

2. Put on clothes that feel good

Put on clothes you know make you feel good:

  • Clothes that feel comfortable

  • Clothes that fit

  • Clothes that make you feel hot/ sexy/ on fire/ professional/ in flow/ badass

  • Clothes that are your favorite color

  • Clothes that you can move in (hello leggings)

3. Respect your body

You can hate what your body looks like and still respect it.

What does respecting your body look like?

  • Showering

  • Brushing your teeth

  • Resting

  • Hydrating

  • Moving for joy & pleasure

  • Engaging in s*x / intimacy you desire

  • Seeking medical attention when you need it

  • Taking work & brain breaks

  • Taking medications

4. Remember your body is still working hard for you

It’s working day in and day out to keep you alive.

It may not look the way you want it to, but it is performing functions to keep you moving + living on this planet just the same.

Your body still needs you to take care of it just as much as it takes care of you.

Grab my 5 tips to ending the struggle with your body, so you can feel confident in your body, and focus your time & energy on the most important things you have to do in this life.

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