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Do you ever day "I don't have it that bad."

“It’s not that bad.”

“I shouldn’t be complaining.”

“Other’s have it worse.”

This is what I’ve thought about so many things.

How I feel about my body, my relationship with food, how exercise controlled my life.

My friendships, relationships, jobs.

“Not that bad” kept me doing things that I didn’t like, I didn’t love. That didn’t serve me.

Other people talked about how bad things were for them so much more, so they must have it worse.

Other people have worse problems, I shouldn’t complain, I should be grateful. It’s not that bad.

Ultimately “not that bad” leads to a life that’s not that bad, AND also not that good.

A life that’s mediocre.

A life that’s kinda meh.

When we set out for a life that is extraordinary.

And letting these problems with food, our body, exercise, relationships, jobs, lives that are “not that bad” is keeping you from that extraordinary life you desire.

You deserve to feel confident in your body. You deserve to be free from the obsession and chaos around food + fitness. You deserve relationships that light you up and lift you up. You deserve a job that you are passionate about.

Even if it seems like you can go on with where you are being safe, comfortable & not that bad.

Not that bad can change and become something incredibly amazing if you work to make it so.

get started on an extraordinary shift in how you feel in your body & end the struggle with t

he mirror, grab my free guide to ending the struggle with your body.

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