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NO B.S. Strength Training for women

You've been curious about strength training.

You've wanted to train, but aren't sure what to do?

You're tired of walking into the weight section at the gym & feeling lost. 

Feeling out of place in a sea of dudes giving you random advice.

Or you've been strength training for a while, but you're not sure where you're lacking. 

You do the same 5-10 exercises. 

& you're looking for variety. A change of pace. A plan that addresses your weaknesses. 

This is strength training for women.

We train in ways that will actually create strength for women. 

Not just toning up, burning calories, or a way to earn your meals.

We are here to get strong.

So we can age well.

So we can do what we love in our the next decades of our lives. 

And in this one.

So we can be the ones who help our friends move. 

So we can ask for help because we want it, not because we NEED it. 

So we can move that tv. lift that couch. put our own bikes on the rack.

And so you can feel strong AF in your sport. on skis. on wheels. on your two feet.

What you'll find here:

a community of like minded women. intent on being strong. not skinny, tone, hot, thin. women who want more for themselves and from fitness and from their life than being the smallest version of themselves (in all the ways).

programmed workouts designed to get you strong. expect to be stronger and feel more confident in your strength & training abilities. 

coaching on form, technique, modifications, progressions + more to help you reach your goals in the weight room & beyond. i am here to support you every step of the way so you feel comfortable + capable in your strength, fitness, & life.


education. expect to learn: how to lift, technique for each lift EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. why we lift. train. rest. add weight. progress. move the way we do. 

2 group workouts a week. this is the minimum effective dose for strength training. if you are serious about getting strong 2 days is the best place to start. want more? we can talk about that.

workouts that meet you where you are at. we are here to level up, not to show you that you're not good enough, strong enough. these workouts will meet you at the level you are at. not burn you out or make you so sore you can't walk the next day *some soreness to be expected*

intimate group. this program is limited to 15 women at a time. i want to provide you with the highest quality coaching possible. smaller means more time and attention to meet your needs. 

the specifics:

Tuesday's & Thursday's 4:30pm

location: fortitude fitness training

women & folks who identify as women welcome.

max class size: 15

let's get strong.

requirements to join

you live or can get to Bend, OR.

you are a woman or identify as a woman/femme.

you desire to strength train.

you are stoked to learn.

Let me answer them, sign up for a free discovery Call.

Meet your coach:
Casey Westbrook, M.S., C.S.C.S., has been a strength coach since 2015 and she has been mountain biking since 2017.

After an injury as an ultramarathon runner, she started incorporating strength training to help support her in her endurance and adventure pursuits. Which in turn has led her to progress beyond what she thought was possible for her on the trail & in life.

She believes strength training can empower women to feel confident in their bodies, and in turn feel more confident in their lives. 

Fitness is bigger than weight loss & looking good. It's a whole life catalyst for change.



photo credit: Yuvia Storm

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