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You still need to eat just as much on rest days

Its a rest day. How are you going to honor your body. We always being told to eat less, all the time.

I used to think I needed to cut back on food on rest days, too. Eat less, skip a meal, or only eat raw or do some restrictive plan for the day.

I was burnt out and tired all the time, and had barely any energy for my favorite activities.

Here is why eating less on rest days isn't a good idea:

  1. Your body is still recovering, repairing, and adapting from your workout the day after. If you want your workouts to make you stronger, more energized, faster, more skilled, you need to keep fueling your body on a rest day.

  2. If you are planning to workout again in the future, your body needs to replenish energy stores from your previous workout. If you want to kick ass again in future workouts, rides, hikes, adventures, you need these energy stores.

  3. Working out doesn't actually use much energy (calories) relative to the amount of

energy your body is uses just to keep you alive. ie. your body needs way more energy for a 24 hour day of even the CHILLEST day to function, than what it will use in the 1 hour you spend working out. You still need to eat to allow your body to function in daily life.

  1. Eating less throughout the day often leads to binging at night. SO many of my clients in Body Freedom Sessions experience this. They are "good" all day eating very little (often on rest or "low activity" days) and once night comes BAM, they eat ALL. THE. SNACKS. Eating less leads to EATING MORE.

Eating less usually leads to eating even more.

Or poor performance.

Or just being a hangry b*tch (it was me🙋🏼‍♀️).

So just eat more in the first place. You’ll probably end up eating less, if that’s really your goal. And you’ll be happier and perform better in the long run.

Are you tired of being good with food all day only to binge on a pint of ice cream at night?

Want to feel in control with food?

Check out BODY FREEDOM SESSIONS my 1:1, 12 week program designed to get you from chaos and stress and on and off the health wagon with food to eating healthy for the rest of your life.

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