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Why you need to eat carbs

Are you afraid of carbs?

These are 3 reasons you don’t have to be.

Carbs are the fitness industry’s new favorite food group to cut out, but it doesn’t have to be yours!

Our body LOVES carbohydrates. Our physiology is designed in every way to use carbs & use them quickly, so we can run from danger, run for a long time as hunters, OR so we can lift heavy things cuz we think its cool or run & ride super far because, well, we can!

First off, WTF is a CARB?

Carbs - aka carbohydrates - are a macronutrient. They are in the same class as fats and protein.

They contain ENERGY!

Energy that our body can use for thinking, breathing, wiggling your big toe, working out, dance partyyying!!

Examples of food that contain carbohydrates: potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, fruits, sugar, crackers...

Reason 1: Our body preferentially uses carbohydrates for energy during exercise.

Not fats.

Not protein.


Can your body adapt to using fats for energy?

Yes. If you are strictly truely in ketosis. (Do you want to live that way?)

Will your body use protein (aka breakdown muscle) for energy. Yes if you don't give it enough other fuel!

Reason 2: Carbohydrates prevents muscle degredation + supports muscle repair for athletes + exercisers.


Your body will absolutely use muscle for energy when it isn't provided with enough calories elsewhere to compensate for energy you use. Even if you continue your strength or endurance training.

Our bodies are more concerned with survival than #gains.

Muscle is expendable when caloric intake is too low.

Reason 3: Eating carbohydrates ensures that you replenish your energy stores for future exercise + training.

You just worked out + used a bunch of stored carbohydrates from your muscle & liver.

If you want to be ready for your next training session, you will need to replenish your carbohydrate stores so you body can be prepared!

Bottom line.

Carbohydrates are our body's friend, and one of our body's favorite things to use for energy, its really good at it.

Eating more carbohydrates, especially as women + mestruating individuals will be helpful for your training.

So you can crush your workouts, crush your training + the events you will be participating in later.

So go ahead eat carbs, eat more than you think you should.

Eat more that you’ve been told you are allowed.

Fuel your bod. Go far. Play hard.

Want to get strong without obsessing over what you put in my fitness pal and if you are over your macros? Check out BODY FREEDOM SESSIONS my 12-week program designed to take you from food chaos to food freedom & make eating simple. Link in bio to apply.

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