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Why the NO EXCUSES exercise mentality needs to die

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Do you ever feel like you aren't allowed to take a day off from working out?

Do you feel like you can't ask for or make modifications or changes to your workout?

Do you feel guilty for taking a rest day or week?

All of these stem from a deeply rooted fitness mentality in modern fitness culture. & I know you've heard it.


This idea comes from the idea that everyone is looking for a way out of exercise, out of working out. Like we are all just trying the hardest to aviod a workout. It overlooks the MANY reasons we need a day off, time off, need a modification, or to change things up.

It comes from the idea that "If I can do it, so can you," - the fitness professional who literally lives in the gym, was born thin, and has no other responsibilities or barriers.

The no excuses mentality also asks us to just exercise, without consideration of what our larger goals are, our past experiences with exercise, what sorts of shitty experiences we have had - we have all had them.

The no excuses mentality asks us to ignore our body's signals for rest, to modify movements that we aren't ready for or that aren't right for us, to ignore quality time spent with loved ones, to ignore illness & pain, to ignore the many many other apsects of wellness that aren't exercising.

If you need permission to take a day off from exercising, I am giving it to you now.

If taking a day off makes you feel guilty, disappointed, anxious, worried, I encourage you to get curious as to why.

If you need more support taking your exercise mentality from NO EXCUSES and feeling like a failure when you are unable to meet that expectation to finding ease, stoke, and setting badass, flexible goals with exercise, check out Body Freedom Sessions. This program allows you to untangle the sh*tty outdated fitness advice that no longer applies and find what will actually work best for you.

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