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Who am I if I'm not doing my sport? If I'm not an athlete?

Who are you, without movement, exercise, without your sport?

For me this hard question came about 6 years ago.

I was a runner, and at the time an ultraendurance runner. And I got injured, pes anserine bursitis.

I had to stop running, it was intensely painful if I ran or did any sort of impact for 2+ years.

But the real challenge was the identity crisis with the sudden and huge change in my life.

Who am I without this sport? What do I do with my time? And with movement being my primary method of supporting my mental health, I fell into depression and anxiety, all while in grad school.

While this was a challenging moment, it was ultimately one of the biggest periods of growth in my life.

I think many of us have something we “are” whether it’s an athlete, profession, parent, partner, friend, student, creative.

And our whole identity is tied to this. But we aren’t giving ourselves credit for all the other things and ways we are. We aren't letting those parts of us blossom.

Look my friend. You are not your sport. You aren’t just an athlete. But I know what its like for it to feel like thats all you are.

Let the world peek inside, to your wildness, your uncomfortable, your strange, your odd, your incomprehensible, your unique, your awkward, the things you think aren’t okay to share.

Yes we know you as an athlete, but we want to know more. We want to see you fully blooming, in your wild natural state. We want your whole being on fire.

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