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What is exercise like after obsession?

Exercise is not a weight loss tool.

A tone up tool.

A look good in my bikini this summer tool.

Exercise is a way to get strong as f*ck.

A way to show yourself you can learn hard things. Do hard things.

A way to drop into your body, connect with yourself.

A way to show yourself that you can do bada$$ sh*t you never thought you could.

It’s to make sure you can get up off the floor when your 80.

If you are exercising for weight loss, yes I understand why, AND you are missing out on the real power of movement.

The way it can transform your life, the way you see yourself, the way you show up in the face of challenges and failure.

If you are ready for exercise to stop ruling your life & stop getting injured cuz you don’t take rest days, check out BODY FREEDOM SESSIONS, my intimate 1:1 coaching program to help you stop obsessing over exercise and make space for the other cool sh*t there is to do in this world.

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