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Want to eat fewer cookies?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Here is my recommendation:

Eat more cookies. Hear me out! Hear me out!

I’m going to tell you a story.

A few years ago, I was trying so hard to eat clean. To NEVER eat unhealthy food.

Week after week, I would commit to being “good.” Only to reach Thursday night. Then I would head out, drive to Safeway buy a package of Oreos, & eat them all in one night.

The next morning, I would feel so guilty about it, I would recommit to being “good” and work out extra hard.

I would be “good” for a while, maybe a day maybe a week or two, then it would happen again.

I did this for years. Feeling guilty & ashamed, like something was wrong with me because I could keep control of my diet, as a health + fitness professional, how could I be in this line of work! (Talking to women now, I see how many of us are in this exact cycle, health + fitness pro’s included).

Then I learned about intuitive eating- one of the main tenants being the unconditional permission to eat what, when, and how much.

It sounded wild, coming from someone who felt the need to be strict AF with my food. Like really, unconditional permission to eat whatever?! Isn’t that a death sentence?

But then I took a step back and looked at the big picture. Being strict with food wasn’t exactly keeping me from eating those cookies I was trying so hard to avoid either, and these intuitive eating folks seem to be actually eating less cookies somehow without strict rules let’s try this.

Here is what happened. I ate a lot of Oreos, snickers, cake, homemade chocolate chip cookies, pb cups. All of it for a while.

But then I didn’t.

Then my cravings for those things got way less intense and some even went away. I could probably go the rest of my life w

ithout Oreos.

I still love homemade chocolate chip cookies and Justin’s Dark Chocolate PB cups, and I eat them regularly.

And I know that if I want to, at any point, I can eat oreos, cake, cookies, etc, and it would be OKAY. It doesn’t mean I effed up, or something is wrong with me.

These things are delicious, they are food, and I am allowed to eat them. Guilt. Free.

And in the end, I am eating wayyyy fewer cookies these days, because I am no longer eating an entire pack of Oreos on Thursday nights.

And I am not alone. Intuitive Eating has helped my clients lessen their grip on food, and in result food has less power over them.

And they too are eating fewer cookies, AND enjoying the cookies they do eat so much more.

So if you are struggling to eat fewer cookies, try eating more.

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