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So your clothes don't fit the way they used to. Now what?

Here are 4 tips so that you can ease the self shame spiral.

Clothes not fitting can be a major trigger for a body sh*t talk session.

Our sweet protective brain often tells us that our clothes not fitting means something about us, our worth, our work ethic, or something else. 1. Become aware of your thoughts. Notice if you are judging yourself maybe you’re thinking “I’ve gotten lazy,” “I’ve let myself go.” Recognize these are thoughts and thoughts aren’t necessarily true, helpful, or something we need to believe.

2. Remind yourself that you are not alone in this experience. Bodies change throughout life. All of us will experience our clothes not fitting at some point.

3. Be kind to yourself. What would you say to a friend in this situation? Perhaps: “Friend I know this is hard for you right now, I want you to know you are loved though all the changes in your body.”

4. If you haven’t heard this before: YOUR CLOTHES ARE MEANT TO FIT YOU. You are not meant to fit your clothes.

Your magic, brilliance, talents and gifts were not meant to be squeezed and contorted into a specific size pant or shirt.

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