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reminders from nature

How incredible that you arrived at this moment, in exactly the version of you that you are.

What kind of divine timing is that?

That brought you here, equipped with what you have & all that you need.

To survive in this moment.

Can you believe it?

That you arrived at this moment?

Exactly as you were meant to?

If you feel behind.

Like you should be on a different trail than you are currently on.

Or blooming in some different colors.

When you compare yourself to where others are in their growth, their path, or to the timeline you had meticulously planned.

Perhaps you are a pine,

Your gestation taking years rather than a season.

You take longer to sprout, and your growth takes years.

BUT you will grow taller than you can imagine.

AND it will take longer than you planned.

Perhaps you are comparing your winter to another’s summer.

But they too went through their winter, just as you are.

Losing and shedding things they thought they needed in fall.

Lying dormant, and surviving their winter, so they could be ready for spring and the growth it brings.

Perhaps they are not proof that you are behind,

But evidence that summer will come, as it always does.

You too will meet your summer.

Don’t let this winter's darkness allow you to forget

About all that the coming seasons have in store for you.

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