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Reasons to workout that aren't weight loss

Looking to find your why for exercise but struggling to divest from weight loss and toning up?

Try one of these on for size:

  • dance breaks

  • feel badass

  • strong bones

  • reduce the risk of osteoporosis

  • chop wood

  • keep mountain biking into your 80's

  • show yourself you are stronger than you give yourself credit for

  • be an independent badass bitch who can carry heavy shit all on her own

  • to see that failure doesn't mean you've failed or it's over + you can keep going

  • to learn new skills

  • increase your cardio

  • keep playing with your nieces + nephews & great nieces and nephews

  • feel energized

  • to have a really good time

  • cuz its fun

  • what else... write it in the comments!

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