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How to exercise without the obsession

Are you dating the gym, your workout, your sport?

What would it be like to have freedom with exercise?

To exercise because you love it, like you used to?

And not feel like you have to or it’s the end of the world?

This was me! I loved exercise, sports, all of it and then suddenly it took over my whole identity.

I am the fit girl.

I go to the gym.

I am active.

& If I couldn’t workout that meant I needed to cut out food or a meal.

If I couldn’t workout I lost ALL sense of who I am.

What good am I if I’m not working out?

Here are 3 ways to start working out without obsession:

1. Check in with your intentions

  • Why are you showing up for exercise?

  • to prove somethinG?

  • because you feel guilty about what you ate?

  • because you would feel guilty about taking a rest day?


  • because It's fun/ you like it

  • its part of a larger goal to get strong or stay healthy

  • for self care/ self love

2. Learn to say no

Can you say no to exercise if

  • you are sick

  • tired

  • injured

  • busy

  • traveling

  • are not feeing up to it?

without feeling guilty or being afraid of gaining weight/ body changes

without cutting out meals or foods

3. Separate exercise from your identity

You're not an exercise, fitness fanatiy, a (insert your sport) athlete

You are a person who does those things, you are a whole human being before you are your sport or workout routine.

You are more than your sport or activity.

You do more.

You mean more.

You think more.

You have more to contribute.

Nurture and pursue the other aspects of who you are.

Even if its scary or out of your comfort zone


There was a lot of growth that got me to expanding who I am, so that exercise isn’t everything about me.

And these three things started it. It was scary to realize I was exercising was actually to control others perception of me.

That I was afraid to say no.

That I was afraid to explore other parts of me that I might suck at or be judged for.

But it’s worth it.

I now have a totally different relationship with exercise and my self.

And it’s one I can live with for the rest of my life!

Want freedom from exercise obsession? I can show you the way. Check out BODY FREEDOM SESSIONS, my 12-week 1:1 coaching program to so you can expand in your life, and stop trying to shrink your body and what you are capable of.

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