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Have you ever said this at lunch?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

“I was so good at lunch, I only ate half my sandwich.”

Choosing to under eat or eat less doesn’t mean you are good.

It doesn’t mean you are being healthy.

It doesn’t mean you are going to lose weight.

It doesn't mean you are a better person.

We are told that we should be eating less, cutting back, reducing our portions.

But why?

Who is saying this?

Is this in reference to YOUR specific needs?

In the body YOU have?

And the lifestyle YOU lead.

Or did someone just say once that eating only half of your sandwich is the right amount even though you are still hungry?

Did someone once say you should never snack, even though you lead an active lifestyle and you are hungry for more than just 3 meals a day?

Did someone once say you should only eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal, not taking into account the whole human you are someone who isn’t just a calories in, calories out math equation.

Eating the least amount possible is not a guarantee for weight loss, and certainly not long term weight loss.

Eating the least amount possible is not going to make you healthy long term.

Eating the least is going to make it harder to hit those summits.

To be energized for your adventures.

To think about anything but your next meal.

To not pick a fight or have a meltdown because you are hangry or hanxious.

I know you’ve got more interesting sh*t to do on this earth than be hungry and skinny.
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