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Do you worry about what people will think of your body?

"What will people think of me if I gain weight?"

Do you worry about what people might think about you if your body changes?

If you are less fit?

If you gain weight?

We worry about what other people *might* think about our body instead of what we want, whats best for us & our unique body.

We fear their judgement.

Worrying about what other people think is one of the biggest fears we have around our body changing, getting larger or looking less "fit."

We want others to think look at our body & think:

- she's in control

- she takes care of herself

- she follows the rules

- she is good

- she is doing what she is supposed to

(*you can't tell these things from looking at someone)

& we ignore our body’s needs for safety, comfort, play, pleasure, nourishment, joy, rest, love.

To keep everyone else happy & comfortable with our body.

Trying to be thin so people think you are healthy, athletic, still have your sh*t together is a way to control peoples perception of you instead of being who you really are in the body you have.

We stay hungry, small, alone, quiet, obsessed with weight, calories, food, exercise, & the mirror.

So we can have the body our culture told us we need to have to be worthy + loved.

In so many ways we say F you to the status quo: with jobs, relationships, lifestyle, family structure, friendships...

But when it comes to our body, we still follow the rules, we still try to be good & fit in.

Taking away our time + energy + attention from the bigger issues you were meant to solve.

You weren't put on this earth to fix your body.

You are here to create a better world.

So instead ask yourself: What will I think of me if I spend my whole life trying to be thin & fit and never step into doing what I am on this earth to do because of it?

Want my tools for feeling confident in your body so you can stop hiding from this world that needs your bada$$ beautiful self? Apply for my 90-minute BODY IMAGE INTENSIVE. Link in bio.

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