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Do you ever feel like people are missing the real you?

Do you know that people are missing the real you?

From the outside, it looks like you have your shit together. You’ve got it down! You are reliable, capable, skilled, healthy, adventurous. You’re a MFing badass!

On the inside you are a wreck, hungry all the time, worried about calorie intake and expenditure, getting in that HIIT routine, sad, overworked, tired, lonely.

But all people see is that you are the healthy one. You are the one with their shit together.

And you never get the chance to not be struggling because its hidden or celebrated.

Friend you do not need to be struggling alone!

You don’t need to be perfect to be respected.

You don’t need to be the healthy one, the fit one, the reliable one, the happy one.

You are allowed to be a whole human.

A whole human that takes rest days.

A whole human that eats cookies and frozen meals for lunch sometimes.

A whole human with a normal effing body with rolls and cellulite and hair and acne.

A whole human with emotions that are hard and uncomfortable.

You can just be yourself.

Not some idealized perfect version of you. You can just be you.

I know it’s scary.

I know it seems risky.

I know its new and novel.

But its also the only way for you to get what you desire, being loved for who you are not who people think you are.

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