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Diet Starts Monday! Or does it?

Feeling the pressure to workout or go on a diet to lose weight and tone up after a weekend of relaxing on your health goals?

Try these reframes on:

Instead of: Never miss a monday

Try: I enjoy starting me week with movement or the days of the week are arbitrary, I can take a rest day or start my "workout week" any day that is right for me.

Instead of: I need lose weight to get healthy

Try: My weight is not indicative of my health, I can make health supportive changes that honor my current body.

Instead of: I've got to look good in my bikini this summer.

Try: I can wear a bikini with the body I have now, anything telling my othe

rwise is based on oppressive body standards.

Instead of: I am going to be good this week.

Try: How I exercise + eat doesn't make me good or bad. I will add a vegetable to my lunch this week.

You can make changes that support your health without losing any weight.

You can love your body without being thin.

You can eat well and move often without it meaning anything about who you are as a person.

I know you want to be thin and tone, but what could be possible for your health, for consistency, for your life if you put that on the back burner and focused on changes within your control?

Ready to end reset every monday after eating "cheat meals" all weekend so you can feel confident in your health and your body? Check out my 12 week 1:1 program, Body Freedom Sessions, that will teach you how to honor your health and your body so that you never feel like you've fallen off the wagon or let yourself go again.

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