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Athletes don't have a body type

Your body is going to change. That doesn’t mean you aren’t capable in your sport.

Your body is going to change. That doesn’t mean you’ve lost your spark.

Your body is going to change. That doesn’t mean that you have to change your habits and get back in shape.

Your body is allowed to change. And it will.

Gaining weight, or not looking like we are ready for “peak performance” doesn’t mean that we aren’t ready to perform well.

An athlete’s body doesn’t

have a look, weight, body composition. You can be performing at your highest level and still not LOOK the part. You can be performing at a high level and not look like any of the other athletes.

What if you showed up anyways?

What if you showed up, strong as fuck, powerful as fuck, capable as fuck as you are right now?

In the body you have now.

I’m ready to see you kicking ass, not when you “look the part.”

I am ready to see you absolutely crushing it, RIGHT NOW.

We are ready to see you in your flow, exercising your skill and talent, and having a ball in your sport.

Get out there and get after it.

Ready to stop letting they scale determine whether you are a good athlete or not? Want to feel confident in the body you have, so you can kick ass in life + adventures? Check out my Body Image Intensive, an intimate 1:1, 90 minute session to help you overcome negative thoughts about your body.

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