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Are you blaming your weight for a workout being hard

Questions to ask:

  1. Is it your weight or is it a challenging MOVEMENT?

  2. Is it your weight oor have you been away from exercise and you don’t have the conditioning & strength yet?

  3. Is it your weight or are you trying hard so it It feels hard?

  4. Is it your weight does everyone get out of breath when they do this workout/ any workout?

Losing weight isn’t going t make the exercise easier.

Doing the exercise more


Getting stronger

More conditioned

For the exercise is going to make it easier.

Or you’ll just get better but it will still be hard ;) I'm talking about you burpees.

Your weight is probably not the thing that needs to change to make life, fitness, etc… easier.

Start looking outside of your body size, there are other answers out there.

Weight takes the blame for EVERYTHING. It’s a catch-all cause for every health issue, weakness, problem in life, the thing keeping us from our happiness.

But is it?

I know it seems like your weight is the problem. But that isn’t going to be the thing that makes life, fitness, loving yourself easier.

You taking action to bring ease into your life will.

You working in the challenging parts of fitness will make that easier.

You working on the ways you treat yourself & learning to accept all aspects of yourself will make loving yourself easier.

The number on the scale being lower doesn’t magically translate into improvements in the areas of your life that are hard.

Your life will be just as hard & you’ll probably be hungrier.

Unless you work directly on the thing you want to be better.

So if you want squats, sit ups, burpees to be easier, you have to do THAT thing.

If you want:

To end the panic every time you step on the scale

Start feeling strong AF in your fitness

End the obsession with food

Check out Body Freedom Sessions my 12 week coaching program so you can END the war with your body.

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