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A note from future you

When you look back at old photos when you were your smallest size, or when you weighed less do you ever think: “I should have appreciated my body then.”?

You probably felt similar to how you feel about your body now.

Not good enough.

I just need to lose 5-10 pounds.

I need to get down to the weight I was before kids, in high school, when I was my fittest.

But even then, you weren’t satisfied.

Do you see what I am saying?

It will NEVER be enough.

You will NEVER reach that point where your body is good enough, small enough, lean enough, fit enough.

Until you choose to accept your body, you won’t ever accept it.

It will ALWAYS be a project.

One you can never finish.

Click the link in my bio to apply for my 90-minute Body Image Intensive so you can stop mourning the loss of your high school body and start living life to the fullest in the body you have now.

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