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6 things to track to feel AMAZING in your body

We were taught to track our food religiously, keep detailed notes of your workouts, close the rings on your fitness tracker, watch the scale.

One these things aren't necessarily interesting to all of us, certainly not for me.

Two, your health isn’t all food and exercise, THERE IS SOOOO MUCH MORE.

Try tracking one of these things to help you feel amazing in your body. (Plus how fun is it to start paying attention to PLEASURE + YOUR PERIOD)✨

1. Water intake - are you drinking enough? How do you know? How would you feel if you were drinking more water?

2. Sleep - are you sleeping enough? Are you noticing what is making your sleep better or worse? Can you make small changes to improve your sleep?

3. S*x + Self-Pleasure - are you having s*x that you enjoy? Are you m@asturbating? Are you noticing what feels best for you? What works and what’s doesn’t work for you?

4. What is bringing you joy - slow mornings? Deep conversations? Getting outside? Dancing? Naps? Snuggling? Can you bring more of those things into your life?

5. Your Menstrual Cycle - how do you feel during different parts of your cycle? Do you honor your body’s monthly needs for more rest, more play, more reflection, more food?

6. Self-Care Practices - are you making time for the things that help you stay balanced, calm, feel safe? Showering? Stretching? Breathwork? Meditation? Therapy?

If you are looking for more tips on how to support your wellbeing holistically, and perhaps in a more FUN, EASY, and sustainable way, check out BODY FREEDOM SESSIONS

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