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4 Tips to make meal prep an act of self care (also easy & delicious)

Meal prep is an amazing self-care tool. And it get can manipulated into a tool to restrict your food intake, punish yourself for a cheat meal, or as a holier than thou statement that you prepared yourself a healthy meal ahead of time.

Here are a few tips to keep meal prep an act of self care, rather than a tool for restriction:

Prep MORE than you think you need: Under serving and preparing for our meals out of the house leads to eating less, which often leads to those late night snack attacks!

Add MORE food to your lunches.

If the word MORE next to food sounds scary, that is a sign you need to look at your relationship with food.

Include your favorite foods along side nourishing foods: yes you can add chicken nuggets, and tacos, cheese, and bread to your meal prep!

Adding the foods you enjoy increases the changes you will eat what you prepared.

Also add in foods you know make you feel good, keep you energized, and help you get full throughout the day.

Take advantage of convenience foods: pre-prepared meals, frozen meals, frozen veggies + fruit, microwavables, bars.

These make meal prepping easy, and are great options for when you are in a pinch and need some food.

I know processed food gets a bad rap, but if its the difference between you eating or you turning into an angry or anxious mess food is the better option.

Include all the food groups: Carbohydrates (carbs)



We need them all.

Including all these components is good for your energy, feeling satieted + satisfied after an meal + is eating in a way that supports your overall health.

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