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3 Exercise Mindset Shifts for Recovering Perfectionists

Do you have perfectionist tendencies? Do they bleed into your workouts?

Going from exercise perfectionist to exercise for play and experimentation has been a huge shift. & has made movement more fun + less stress.


I try things I suck at & suck at them for a while.

Modify workouts when I need to, (yes as a coach I modify my own workouts too, I’m really good at that 😉).

I am excited about learning how to get better.

I don’t compare myself to people who are at a different point than me, less stress!

And never worried if I “get there” to the point of having it perfect.

No end goal means endless play!

Here are 3 mindset shifts that will be helpful for you:

Instead of: I can't modify the workout, that means I'm weak/suck/should be able to do this.

Try: Modifying allows me to continue to move well + safely

Instead of: The workout needs to be x minutes to count

Try: All movement counts and is health supporting

Instead of: If I can't do this perfectly, I won't even try.

Try: How can I get 1% better at this movement.

Let me know if any of these were helpful for you ;).

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