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3 Actions to take right now to end bad body image days

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

These were a few of my first steps to being okayish with my body, not spiraling into shame and sadness about my body, and not cutting out foods, spending hours on the elliptical, and wanting to hide under the covers forever!

Here are 3 actions for you to take right now, to prevent this from happening in the future.

1. Get rid of clothes that don't fit your current body: Is it making you happy to try on clothes that make you feel like sh*t about yourself. Get rid of those clothes that don't *spark joy* (thanks marie kondo).

2. Unfollow/ mute accounts that make you feel like sh*t about yourself: whether the person intends to or not. The fact is some social media accounts are just not for you right now, especially if you are trying to accept your current body.

3. Smash your scale: do you know anyone who uses the scale and says afterwards "wow that was a positive experience can't wait to do that again!"

the scale is not your f


throw that sh*t out.

smash it to bits,

blend it.

get creative here.

Share this with your friends who need these tips. 🖤

You deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your body now.

Want to end the body image spirals for good so that you can head out into the world with confidence? Check out my 90-minute Body Image Intensive, so that the way you look no longer turns into a “f*ck, I’ve got to get back on track” panic, only to fall off track a week later.

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