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MTB Strength + Conditioning

Try a free MTB Strength + Plyometrics Workout


8-week session to get you prepared for mountain biking season

This 8-week program will consist of MTB Specific:

Strength training



Core strength

Intervals + Cardiovascular conditioning



To get you ready for:

A strong start on the bike this spring

Long days on the trail

Strength + power on punchy technical sections

Leg strength to pump & jump on the bike

Core strength & stability for balance & staying centered

Upper body strength to maneuver the bike & load it on and off the shuttle

Having an absolute blast of a season!


Meet your coach:

Casey Westbrook is a Strength & Conditioning + Mountain Biking Coach

With 7+ years in the fitness industry she has coached folks to build the strength & fitness they need to reach their goals in the gym, in life, or on the bike. Casey has combined her two passions of mountain biking and strength training to help mountain bikers have more fun on the trail and level up their abilities on the bike through improved strength, speed, power, & fitness.


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